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Jamie’s professionalism is unequaled

I have bought and sold many homes in my life. I have worked with a number of different Realtors. I contacted three Realtors to discuss my very vague ideas about this move. Two of those agents came and talked with me, but when I explained my intentions, stipulations, and conditions, I never heard from either of them again. This led me to believe what I was asking for or expected was not in their realm of proficiency. When I spoke with Jamie Chu it was a completely different experience. She was responsive and listened. She understood the questions and qualms I had in selling my house with no destination to move to. From the very beginning I could tell that Jamie was responsive to my needs as well as developing a plan that would work for me. At that point I knew there was no further need to search for a Realtor.


Jamie was not only a consummate professional, she was also a servant leader. She was leading the transaction as well as serving my needs. One of the conditions in being a servant leader is being a good listener and readily understanding what are the needs, desires, and hopes of the client. That is what a consummate professional does and that’s what Jamie did from the very beginning. Jamie is a fabulous communicator. When I would email her with a question or concern, I would usually receive a response within 10 minutes. On occasions when I would not receive a brisk response, I knew Jamie was out showing a house to another client. However, she did always get back to me in a timely manner. I always felt great comfort and trust in working with Jamie. She has always been right up front with me. She would tell me very kindly and gently if I had an idea that was not in my best interest and suggest that maybe I should look at the situation from a different perspective. Her experience and professionalism gave her insight and knowledge that I don’t have. That being said, her approachable nature never made me feel intimidated or stupid if I asked a question that others may have known the answer to. She always reassured me and made me feel very comfortable.


Jamie kept me well informed through both of my transactions, selling and buying. She navigated the sale of my house in an unconventional way with finesse and expertise, secured multiple offers before the house was officially listed, adeptly maneuvered the inevitable bumps and glitches that surround every real estate transaction, and represented me to secure a higher-than-expected price for my home. Jamie’s accomplished marketing insight put my house on the market at exactly the right time, and her team’s marketing photos and videos posted on the web listing were phenomenal promotional assets. My experience was very positive with Montana Real Estate Experts marketing procedures. Jamie has her own film production company. The photographer, drone pilot and Matterport tech all came out, shot my home and completed the footage even before I had decided on a date to list my home. Before I was ever sure it was going to be on the market it was ready to be on the market. Everything that goes behind a listing was established and in place to go live at a moment’s notice. Once the listing went live it was crazy to see the number of views my home was receiving versus the competing properties. I was amazed at the photography. The photos made the house look gorgeous. Not that I didn’t have a nice property to start with, but the right photography can enhance the property, and was very well done. It had an indubitable effect on marketing the home.


My experience with Jamie selling my home was so positive, that I enlisted her a second time to help me find my next home. I knew that she would always do what is in my best interest. She would not force me into buying something that wasn’t right for me, nor would she let me overpay for a property. Jamie focused her skills and full attention toward finding me a new home. I had VERY particular features that I wanted in a replacement home, and I was only interested in one specific neighborhood. Jamie was so patient and supportive in my search! She was always informative without being pushy and interacted with listing Realtors and homeowners in an assertive manner on my behalf without ever being aggressive. She consistently encouraged me that the perfect match was in my future if I just waited for it. She was right. She never felt like a salesperson. I was working with a professional / friend who was working toward meeting my needs. Now I am happily settled in my home, just a few blocks from my granddaughters, I have my lovely yard, first floor master suite, huge white kitchen, and great open space for entertaining.


I would highly recommend Jamie Chu to friends, family or anyone who would ask that is in the market to buy or sell a property. My experience was positive, and her professionalism is unequaled. I hope I don’t ever have to sell my house, but if I do there is no question whom I would call.

I couldn’t find anyone who I would rather work with more

The reason why I chose Jamie Chu was due to my online search for top recommendations for real estate agents where I live. I viewed the number of homes Jamie had listed and sold, and the responses from her past clients, (both buyers and sellers). These factors convinced me to call and speak with her. I found her to be a very pleasant individual to interact with.

Jamie’s professionalism is outstanding. Her synergy was very positive and engaging. Within a few days of selecting her to represent me, Jamie and her team came to my house in Three Forks. They photographed and shot drone footage. In under a week of our first meeting my home was listed and on the market. I was very impressed by the speed and quality of their work.

I think Montana Real Estate Experts marketing is exactly what I would want to do if I were a Realtor. We had 825 views on Zillow in just a few days. I thought that was pretty incredible. We also had a substantial number of people scheduling appointments to view the home. This had not happened in past attempts to sell. The marketing capabilities that Jamie and her crew have are superior to those that I have seen in the past.

In prior attempts to sell my house with other agents, we had been unsuccessful. Jamie’s knowledge of the comparable market helped us in pricing the home. This marketing also helped in successfully encouraging more showings than had ever materialized in the past.

Jamie collaborates on a more personal level than other Realtors I have worked with. Her personal approach made me feel that this was more than just selling a house, it was not just going through the process of steps A,B,C & D. She was cognoscente of my concerns, and also communicating the buyers interest to me as well. Her interaction between the buyers and myself was extremely positive. The buyers had a variety of request and supplications in order to continue the transaction. Whenever we had solicitude as to the buyers extensive inspections, Jamie was able to move the process along so we could get to the closing date on time.  Jamie followed the negotiations all the way through with an excellent time table. She oversaw the transaction very judiciously. I was very pleased with her level of professionalism.

Jamie kept me exceptionally well informed during the transaction. We had better activity than we ever had at this house due to her communication, not only with myself but also with perspective buyers agents. I trusted Jamie all the way. I never had any concerns that she was not a honest Realtor. Her character is impeccable and without question. I couldn’t find anyone who I would rather work with more. If I were to do this again I would certainly use Jamie. If I were to purchase another home Jamie is the person I would work with. I have purchased and sold maybe 20 properties and I don’t think there is any Realtor that I have found that is any better than Jamie.

Amazing follow through on Two transactions

My name is Jack, I moved to Montana 11 years ago. Prior moving to Bozeman I was lucky enough in meeting Jamie Chu. She is one of the Top Realtors in Bozeman Montana! She is amazingly good at both selling properties as well as acting as an agent to buy properties. I found Jamie by Googling ” Top real estate agents in Bozeman” and her name came up.

Jamie is amazing! She follows through on everything she says she is going to do. I found her to be very knowledgeable and thorough on my transactions. Over the years I have bought and sold many homes, and as soon as the transaction closes those other real estate agents disappear. Jamie is not like that at all. In fact I would say that Jamie ranks as a 10 1/2 in terms of real estate agents I have dealt with.

Last year I needed to sell my ranch I was planning on subdividing, I found out that this wasn’t feasible on the piece of property. I enlisted Jamie to sell the property for me. She did all the advertising witch included both still photos and drone footage of the ranch. They made it look even more beautiful than what it was. Several of my friends remarked on how professional it looked. She did an amazing job at marketing the property and stayed with me through the entire process, which I appreciated.

Jamie has been not only my realtor but has also become my friend! She periodically contacts me with interesting properties with which may encompass good investment opportunities. We have maintained a friendship now for over 4 years. If you are looking for a incomparable agent select Jamie Chu as YOUR Realtor. She is the Best!

Selling our third property With Jamie!

The reason why we chose Jamie to sell our home was due to our positive experience in selling two of our commercial business properties with her. She did a phenomenal job giving us a sense of comfort and trust. We knew we could count on her, and she knew what our expectations were. Before we met Jamie we went through Five different realtors on our commercial property. Having Jamie working for us was a night and day difference.

Jamie always kept on top of things. That really meant a lot to us. With previous realtors there were so many times we felt left in the dark. Sometimes we wouldn’t hear from them for a month. We never got that treatment from Jamie. Her follow up is incredible. During the sale of our house we had 18 showings and an open house. She was there every step of the way. She made sure I had my calendar with me at all times so I could keep updating it with more showing appointments. We knew when we hired Jamie that she is a very busy agent. Not once did we feel like a secondary client. We always felt like we were her number 1 priority. That was very important to us. Her guidance in multiple offers was very comforting. She never told us what to do, but thoroughly explained what our options were. After 1 week of being on the market and 18 showings we were under contract.

Working with Jamie’s team was great! Her photographer was very professional. The photos of our house were amazing. Everything looked better in the photos than what it really was. Montana real estate experts marketing was phenomenal. The service we received from them was remarkable.

Bye-Bye City! Hello Country!

Initially I was looking for 3-5 acres of land to build a house with a garden and some extra room to roam. I wanted to be in a rural area  away from the cities and suburbs due to the craziness that is gripping our country. I contacted Jamie Chu at Montana Real Estate experts for assistance. Jamie started to show me different parcels of land. The lots that were available were the right size but were not developed. I would have had to establish roads, electricity, and a well, not to mention the cost of building a new home. These costs would be substantial. Further research indicated that it would require twice the expenditure to develop and build versus buying a pre-existing home.

Jamie knew of a home in the area I was looking at. Unfortunately it had gone under contract the day before. Jamie explained to me that we should go see it and if I liked it we could put in a back-up offer. She advised me that quite a few of her clients had bought their homes as back-up offers. It is not uncommon for contracts to sometimes fall through. We went to go look at the property, and when I saw it, I knew that was going to be my house! The strange thing was that I wasn’t looking for a house I was looking for land, but there it was exactly what I wanted. We put in a back-up offer that night!

Jamie kept in close contact with me for the following month. With just a few days left before the house would close and someone else would own it, Jamie called me. She broke the news to me that the house had fallen out of contract, and we could go under contract for purchase if I still wanted it. I was ecstatic.  Needless to say I am now the new owner of the home! And through this whole process I knew the property would be mine. I had confidence this was going to be my home. I had total certainty.

I was really  comfortable with Jamie. She has a very up front style. There were no hidden agendas with Jamie in selling me what she wanted to sell. Jamie was not pushy! She knows her market and what she is doing. Jamie listens to her clients wants, and fulfills their needs. She was the right fit for me. Her customer service is A++++. I would recommend her to everyone looking to buy or sell real estate.

Buyers working with Jamie should expect clear and concise information in the step by step of what comes next in the buying process. She made the process very clear. I am thrilled  to have my country home and be gone from the city.

Making Out of State Buying Easy

We started looking at property in Bozeman for our boys to live in while they attend MSU. Their first year they tested the rental market and found it difficult to find places to live. After the first year we thought it would be a good opportunity to invest in the Bozeman area. We really like the city and can see ourselves living here. We needed to find a Realtor to navigate the Bozeman market. Jamie Chu came highly recommended by mutual friends. We have never been disappointed in that recommendation. Jamie is awesome!

In negotiating the purchase of our new home, the seller’s agent was a little unpredictable. Jamie was excellent at navigating the purchase price, the inspection contingencies, and money back at closing. She was very effective at controlling the outcome of our transaction. Being an out of state buyer Jamie made it easy for us to feel comfortable during this transaction. Her communication is excellent, it was never lacking. She was exceptional at advising us on how to present an offer to make sure that we were the top contenders in multiple offer situations. Since we are out of state, I think we could have had difficulties in this endeavor without Jamie’s help and expertise. When comparing her to other Real Estate Agents, we noticed right away her exceptional communication skills as well as her remarkable in-depth knowledge of her market. Jamie’s customer service rates a 10 out of 10. Montana Real Estates Experts exceeded our expectations. Word of mouth recommendation is the best recommendation you can have. When you are endorsing someone to your friends it is a reflection on you personally. We do not recommend people likely. Unequivocally we would recommend Jamie! When you work with Jamie expect good communication, high level of organization, and promptness in everything she does. She will be there for you 100%.

Off the market to sold!


We had previously rented with no intent of ever buying property again. Our landlord told us that he was getting ready to sell the home we lived in and asked if we wanted to buy it. We knew that we did not want to buy that house because of the long list of maintenance issues. So we moved and rented another house. During this time we noticed that the prices of rents in Bozeman were skyrocketing. Due to prices of rents being comparable to mortgage payments, we decided to enter the home buying market once again.

That’s when we met Jamie Chu. We had found this house that we wanted but it had been taken off the market by the sellers. We asked Jamie if she could help. Jamie called the owners and convinced them to allow us to see the house. Once we walked through the property we knew we wanted to live here. This is where Jamie started negotiations to convince the sellers to sell the property to us. Within days we were in contract to buy our new home. We found Jamie to be really honest, friendly, and sweet. She was always available to us and efficient in making things work. Jamie always made sure to explain things throughout the complicated buying process in a very realistic manner. We felt really comfortable working with her because she covered all the basses with her knowledge and outside the box approach. She exceeded our expectations and is now someone we consider a friend! We would recommend Jamie and Montana Real Estate Experts to anyone  looking to buy or sell their home.

Selling your commercial property: Find Jamie Chu!

Before meeting Jamie Chu, my partner and I spent six years with various brokerages trying to sell our business and commercial property. During that time we had a lot of realtors and none of them were near the quality of what Jamie is. The previous agents had no strategy for us. They seemed to be happy just to list our property on MLS. They didn’t go out and actively pursue buyers for us. We felt the service we received wasn’t very personal. We were just another listing that needed to be renewed every six months. In those six years no one tried to find out why our building wasn’t being sold. We went through six brokerages in six years with no success in selling our property.

We met Jamie through a professional referral. My partner and I sat down with her and came up with a strategy and different game plan than what we had tried before. Jamie told us what we needed to hear, not necessarily what we wanted to hear. First we needed to adjust our price to reflect the current market value of the properties. Jamie is very particular in how the building looked and showed. She guided us from a much different view point than what we previously had before. After this point is when we really started to see action in views, showings, and offers.

One thing about Jamie is that she is persistent about achieving her goals. Sometimes her drive and energy is hard to keep up with. She is detail oriented and puts a personal touch on her work. She took the time to get to know our building and properties, as well as clarify our expectations of her. I felt she never pulled any punches on how she guided us with helping to sell our properties. We knew she always had our best interests in the decision making process. She was always honest with us about our choices and options.

The aspect I appreciated most about Jamie was her commitment to communication. We heard from her on a constant basis. It wasn’t like past agents who we wouldn’t see or hear from for months. She would talk to us at least once a week if not more. That really helped me to realize that someone is out there working for me. She was also wonderful in helping perspective buyers envision different ways in which they could utilize our property for their own use.

Montana Real Estate Experts marketing went beyond what we ever thought it would be. We finally felt our building and property were being marketed in a way fitting of what it deserved. We felt Jamie really took care of us. I was so impressed with Jamie’s dedication and service that my wife and I will be listing our house for sale with Montana Real Estate Experts. That will be the third transaction that we will have together. In closing I say this ” If you want to sell something find Jamie”!

Montana Real Estate Experts made it easy.

At the beginning of summer we were entering the real estate market in order to sell our home in Bozeman Montana. We had recently acquired a new business opportunity in another part of Montana and needed to market our home. We met with various relators, unimpressed we were left wondering if we should sell the property ourselves. One day we noticed our neighbor directly across the street had a for sale sign in her front yard. The relator’s name on the sign was Jamie Chu. I visited our neighbor and asked why she chose Jamie. My neighbor stated that Jamie had just sold their rental property the prior month. It took less than three weeks for Jamie to get it under contract. My neighbor was delighted with the marketing, communication, hard working persona, and Jamie’s ability to negotiate the best price for them.

The following week we noticed that there was an open house across the street. I went over and spoke with Jamie about our property. She said she would be happy to come over and talk to us about our property. After the open house Jamie spent 45 minutes with us explaining the positive aspects of our home as well as  well as the things that needed to be addressed and fixed. We were both grateful with her investment of time and knowledge. In less than a week Jamie met with us again with a current market analysis of our home. Her local knowledge of our neighborhood inventory and prices was excellent. She did her homework and dug deep. Her CMA was very close to the price we received  for our home. We signed with Jamie and Montana Real Estate Experts. The next day the photo session took place.

We were pleased with Montana Real Estate Experts professional photographer. He was able to see our house the way that we see it, and had the ability to convey that in the imaging that he produced for marketing our home. After the property was listed, it took six days for our home to go under contract. Thanks to Jamie’s great communication and ease of accessibility, our transaction went incredibly smooth.

We are thankful that we chose Montana Real Estate Experts. We became a team and sold our home easily. We have already recommended Montana Real Estate Experts to others.





Jamie Catered to My Needs

Choosing a Realtor can be an arduous task per say. In Bozeman Montana there are over 1000 Real Estate Agents in a population of 50,000. I am a person that makes careful well thought out and
measured decisions. It took me over a year of interviewing agents to find the right one to represent me. The agent that I choose was Jamie Chu of Montana Real Estate Experts.

In order to explain what makes Jamie different from her contemporizes I’ll have to explain what I was looking for in an agent. Over 10 years ago I suffered a stroke which has changed the way in which I handle my daily life. I needed someone who recognized my limitations and could help me but also someone who would not pander to my constraints. Some agents I interviewed were oblivious to this, while others were kind and considerate of my challenges. Jamie had a kindness and compassion that was truly genuine and professional. She understood that the cold snowy winters of Bozeman where something that I no longer wanted to deal with. Her regular follow up was impressive even before she represented me.

Her marketing strategy and team are first rate. The photography was outstanding and made my property look impeccable. Within 24 hours of my house being put on the market, Jamie had my home under contract. Of course, this was only the first step. I decided to relocate out of state. Jamie assisted with this and helping to locate a Realtor as well as facilitated finding a lender who could navigate the lengthy process of VA Loans. Once I had found a property and put in an offer all that was left to do was wait for my property to close. This was the most stressful time due to contingencies of the out of state buyer needing to sell their home in order to buy mine. Jamie was in daily contact with not only my out of state agent but also the buyers out of state agent. She effectively managed three multiple transactions in three different states at the same time.

In closing I would like to say I am thoroughly impressed with Jamie’s honesty, integrity, and dedication to my needs. The only bad part of this transaction is that I now miss the community and people of Bozeman. It is a special place and its absence will be felt.

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